The Locksmith Fixed Our Garage Doors

When my husband and I purchased our home about a year ago, there was very little that we had to do to change anything. There were the small odds and ends that needed to be done, and we were able to do the majority of them ourselves. Friends and family helped us with the rest, which left only one thing where we had to call in a professional. I looked at different Brisbane mobile locksmiths to find the best one for the job we needed to be done, and there was really only one choice through all of it.

The one thing my husband really liked about our new home is that it has an attached garage as well as a garage that sits off to the left of the property. The attached holds two vehicles, and the stand-alone holds up to three. We only have two cars, so he was excited about turning the stand-alone garage into his man cave. I had no problems with that either! We did need to have new locks put on it though because the locks that were on it did not work at all.

When we had the locksmith come out, my husband was chatting with him about the other garage and how he had to manually lift one of the doors. The locksmith offered to take a look at it, which was surprising because I just never considered that they would be able to work on a garage door. He was able to put in a new motor that same week though, and he even made it so the garage and gate can both be used with the same remote. We never expected all of this extra stuff, and I am so thankful that we ended up going this route because it is even better than we expected now!